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About Me

My life (so far)

I was born in South Africa to a Mauritian mother & a German father, raised all over the planet -- from Europe to Arabia, the UK & the USA ; beach to city to desert... 

As an adult I have continued my family's itinerant lifestyle of hybridity, traveling to too many places  to mention.  The cities & towns I have actually lived and either worked or studied in, are : Cape Town, Johannesburg, Piket Bo Berg, Hamburg, Munich, London, Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Kington St Michael, San Francisco, Amherst, Kalodyne, La Gaulette, Cassano D'Adda and currently between Milan & Genoa.

Despite being a skilled veteran traveler, I am a terrible packer, I don't drive and I love getting lost. However, I am an expert flaneuse and finder of wonderful places to eat and sleep, dance and play... through the years I have grown antennae for finding beauty.

Some of my more useful skills include: speaking and translating English, French, German, Italian & Creole / writing poetry, fiction & articles and singing in English / multicultural communication & empathy / making fires &  cooking fusion food / thinking & living creatively / being adaptable & able to motivate people to embrace change in their lives / sharing my many experiences and ideas by creating artistic projects, giving sessions and teaching various skills / feeling a deep connection to people and nature, especially through the element of water; the one home I have always had both on this planet and in my body -- which is why the ocean is my muse and I love to swim...