Poet Writer Performer Teacher Consultant

What I have done

Studies & Qualifications


  • BA English & Psychology Majors with Philisophy, French and Religious Studies Minors
  • HDE English as a 1st & 2nd Language and Life Orientation 
  • MA Creative Writing - Poetry
  • Certificate in Integrative Counseling
  • Professional training in listening skills, assertive communication, food handling
  • Bodywork  Training: Tantsu full practitioner's course, Watsu 1 & 2, Energy Balancing
  • Jazz singing & voice with Joan Davies
  • Goddess & Wiccan wisdom with English coven

Awards & Residencies


  • Most creative monster in grade 1
  • Best free dancer at Camp Beaumont 
  • Cultural Scholarship to the US for high school
  • Masters research scholarship to the University of Massachussetts, Amherst
  • Focus on Farmers Artist residency in Devon
  • Writer's residency at Chateau Lavigny, Switzerland
  • Ingrid Jonker Prize for first book Hyphen www.uctwriters.co.za/hyphen 
  • Gerald Kraak Award shortlisted for Resurrection  poem



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Performances & Events


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Teaching History


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Other Work Experiences


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