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" In the beginning there was the body - and the body was the word "

What do people say?


"Tania Haberland is a poet and singer, artist and teacher. From a  Mauritian-German family, she was born in South Africa and lived in the  United States, England, Germany, Italy and Saudi Arabia. For her first  book Hyphen, she received the Ingrid Jonker Prize. For Tania Haberland  art, literature, education and therapy should work in interplay and  weave into the social space. Her art represents multidisciplinary  interaction between writing, music and movement. Currently Tania  Haberland is working on a project based in Mauritius, Milan and Cape  Town that aims to link artistic creation with a ‘Technology of  Tenderness’. The heart of her work revolves around gender issues,  sexuality, freedom and the destruction of the unity between humans and  nature. She views the ocean as a muse that stimulates our senses and  that as a constitutive element of our globe offers the insight that  humans are only a small part of a greater entity."

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The Electrician

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